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Meet the real apprentices going far in a number of exciting industries.


Apprenticeships are offered by many high quality, prestigious companies across a wide range of industries. In fact, many offer the chance to acquire a fully paid degree alongside the apprenticeship. FCB Inferno enlisted our help to find real life apprentices to tell this story and dispel the myth that the only apprentices are plumbers or electricians.


We approached 800 schools, spoke to 300 employers and put a huge call out on social media to find the perfect mix of likeable, articulate young apprentices. 

Employing our TV expertise in finding strong characters, we cast 13 apprentices who could talk credibly about their experiences of working for the first time, what it means to be young now and have aspirations. 

Shooting 450+ hours of footage over a period of two months, we created online mini-docs about each apprentice's story, designed to inspire and motivate their peers. We also cut 30" TVCs that aired nationally.


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