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MTV & Durex : My Sex Life And Everyone Else's

Global snapshot of what young people really think about sex.

The Brief

MTV Staying Alive in partnership with Durex asked us to create a documentary that would sit at the heart of their #SomeoneLikeMe campaign, aimed at getting young people to talk more openly about sex.

The Work

Authentic, unfiltered and intimate, My Sex Life And Everyone Else's is a mouthpiece for millennials across the world to talk openly about the anxieties, emotions and curiosities they have regarding sex. From losing their virginity, to sexual experimentation, to contraception and STIs, this 44 minute documentary provides an unrestricted and never-before-seen view into what exactly young people know about sex. Self-shot and unfiltered in its execution, My Sex Life And Everyone Else's features contributors from over 10 countries, offering a truly global perspective.