Channel 4 Commissions 'Postcode Playdates'

Channel 4 has announced the commission of a new three-part series, Postcode Playdates, from Firecracker that will see families with children from the same neighbourhood but across social divides – cultural, ethnic and economic – open their doors to their neighbours’ offspring for a playdate for the very first time.

Some parents love them, others hate them but playdates are the perfect place for children to spend time with different families and learn about lifestyles, cultures and backgrounds that differ from their own. Seen largely from the kid's point of view each episode will follow three children on three playdates from the same postcode.

Postcode Playdates was commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Formats Dom Bird and Education commissioning editor Emily Jones. The 3x60’ series will be made by Firecracker with executive producers Emma Morgan & Sam Emmery.

Emily Jones said: “Many children today live only streets apart and never meet. Postcode Playdates is an exciting opportunity to explore and celebrate difference in a time of increasing social fragmentation. Out of the mouths of babes…”

Firecracker’s Chief Creative Officer Jes Wilkins added: “I’m delighted that Channel 4 have backed this new format that enables us to explore big questions about the social divides that dominate the news agenda in such a playful, accessible and very entertaining way for a family audience.”