COMING SOON TO C4: 'The Class Next Door'

Parents of 11-year-olds are being sent back to school in a brand new Firecracker series for Channel 4. 

The Class Next Door (3x60’) will see them experience, first hand, just how much primary school education has changed in recent years. 

Over the course of half a term, they will get to grips with the current curriculum, wear school uniform, attend PE and learn the recorder, much to the astonishment of their own children in the classroom next door. And any troublemakers will quickly find themselves in detention! 

The Class Next Door was commissioned by Channel 4's Education Commissioning Editor, Emily Jones, and will be made by Firecracker Scotland. Elspeth O'Hare and Firecracker's Chief Creative Officer, Jes Wilkins, will be Executive Producers.