Emma Willis delivers for W

Fourth episode of W’s Emma Willis: Delivering Babies attracted 91,000

With its swag bag, stripy jumper, mask and beret at a jaunty angle, Sky 1’s The Heist couldn’t maintain last week’s opening momentum.

Meanwhile, W’s baby-delivering service is holding together reasonably nicely, while the zombies still stroll about to good effect – despite Rick Grimes’ departure.

The second episode of The Heist gathered together 57,000/0.3% at 9pm on Friday, with another 9,000/0.4% for the 1am Saturday repeat. Episode one opened with 102,000/8% at 2am and 48,000/ 0.3% at 9pm on 9 November. After six showings, it totalled 292,000.

Sky 1’s The Russell Howard Hour drew 210,000/2% at 10pm on Thursday, 40,000 more than last week’s opener (170,000/1%), which was probably down to the lead-in from the England v USA match, on from 7pm, which averaged 580,000/3%.

The fourth episode of W’s Emma Willis: Delivering Babies attracted 91,000/0.7% on Monday at 10pm – nearly double the slot average (0.4%). Three repeats added another 208,000 to total 299,000. Last week’s four outings added up to 292,000, with the first week’s 488,000 the best so far.

Dave’s original comedy Zapped drew 168,000/1% on Wednesday at 10pm, fractionally fewer than last week (170,000/1%) and the lowest of this run, in terms of overnights. Two repeats added 98,000, making 266,000 – the lowest sub-total so far.

This week’s best non-sport show was Fox’s zombie drama The Walking Dead (450,000/3%) on Monday at 9pm.