Firecracker doc inspires new Goldfrapp song

In a recent interview with Pop Justice, Alison Goldfrapp spoke about how her new song, 'Become The One', was inspired by the Firecracker documentary My Transgender Summer Camp...

"A friend was involved in the documentary — she’s American and she’s staying here, but she was telling us about this thing she’d been involved with. I was so inspired by this girl in the movie. I was so impressed that someone was so articulate in expressing their emotions like that – it was astounding. That phrase [“I’m not changing who I am, I am becoming who I am”] really hit me. I found it really emotional. But also I’m always fascinated by the idea of transformation and gender, and the idea that nobody’s ever one thing, and that we’re always on a quest to find out who we are and what makes us feel comfortable with ourselves, and where we want to be, and how we visualise ourselves — all those things were floating around in my head already, and then seeing this really young person articulate that in a way I hadn’t heard before, it was really something. And it was also really uplifting: the idea of having an inner being, and becoming that being."

Read the full interview here.