How The Other Kids Live clip goes viral, gets over 6 million views and is covered by Buzzfeed

A clip from How The Other Kids Live has gone viral on Facebook, gaining more than 6 million views. The programme has also received coverage from a Buzzfeed article:

The Internet Is Moved By This Wholesome Interaction Between A Muslim Girl And A Non Muslim Boy

''Kids are so innocent.''

This video clip of two families from different backgrounds has gone viral because of how pure people found the conversation between two kids.

Meet Yasmin, who is Muslim, and Brendan, who is Catholic. Brendan goes to Yasmin's house for a playdate.

During the playdate, Brendan learns a lot about Yasmin's life, Islam and her culture. He sees her pray and asks about her hijab.

It was uploaded last month in April and initially went viral on Facebook but it resurfaced last week on Twitter. It was part of the promo for Channel 4's How The Other Kids Live.

Read the full Buzzfeed article here.

Watch the clip here