The Body in the Bag: The Murder of Melanie Hall TX announced

In this 1 x 90 minute film, we will follow the story of the disappearance and murder of Melanie Hall, one of Britain’s most shocking unsolved mysteries.

On the night of 8th June 1996, 25-year-old Melanie was enjoying an evening out with her friends in a local nightclub in Bath. But their night of harmless fun quickly turned into tragedy. Melanie was last seen sitting on a bar stool at the edge of the dance floor at 1.10am - she was never heard from nor seen again. It would be another 13 years before her remains were discovered, in the most unlikely of places; the slip road of a busy motorway. And in October 2019, police revealed they had new evidence when they obtained a partial DNA profile.

Yet still, her killer remains at large.

The Body in the Bag: The Murder of Melanie Hall, airs on Channel 5 on Thursday 28th September at 9pm.