The Town the Gypsies Took Over: Highest Rating C5 doc of the year so far

Feature length documentary, The Town The Gypsies Took Over went out in a 9pm slot on Tuesday 13th August at 9pm.

The show beat the Channel 5 slot average by more than half, with a consolidated audience 1.9m and held viewers for the full 90 minute show.

It was the lead story on Broadcast’s ratings page. 

You can read it in full here:

“Firecracker Films’ exploration of Britain’s biggest Gypsy gathering the Appleby Horse Fair performed more than half a million viewers above C5’s 900,000 (5%) slot average.

It also performed ahead of C5’s recent series Gypsies Next Door which averaged 1m (5.6%) over its four-part series in a Thursday 9pm slot.”