Federico Ruiz

Head of Factual Entertainment

Fed has been running Gypsy Weddings USA for several seasons and has all the scars to prove it. When he’s not on the American front line he can be found Exec’ing various Fact Ent projects including Dr Christian Will See You Now and Bad Teen to Ballroom Queen.

Before joining Firecracker, with reality TV flowing through his veins, Fed worked as Series Producer on shows such as The Only Way is Essex and as Series Director on programmes like Four Weddings and Steps: Reunion. He also PD’ed several series of Coach Trip as well as filming on helicopters, oil rigs and trawlers in the North Sea where he nearly drowned twice in a swimming pool in Aberdeen during a training exercise, trying to escape from a fake helicopter.

Fed’s originally from Italy and speaks fluent Italian but refuses to be forced to converse in his ancestral language by Jes in Italian restaurants.