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Britain's Loudest Snorers - Channel 5

Dr Christian Jessen is on a mission to tackle Great Britain’s snoring epidemic by bringing together some of the nation’s loudest and most prolific sufferers.


Around half of the adult UK population snore, that’s around 15 million people! Snoring can be caused by a wide range of reasons such as diet or the way you breathe, it could even be caused by your teeth!

After we received ten thousand applicants to the show, we narrowed down to five of Britain’s Loudest Snorers. With 600,000 people tuning in to see how they get to the bottom of their snoring escapades, once and for all.

In this 90 minute special, you see how snoring can affect day-to-day life and we test old wives tales about snoring cures, do they actually work?

With his two experts, Dr Mike Dilkes, an ENT surgeon and Sex and Relationship Expert Louise Mazanti, Dr Christian gets to work trying to cure the nation’s great snoring epidemic. 

For some, snore camp is a last chance saloon, do the treatment plans that are put in place help cure these sufferers of their problem? And is all snoring truly curable? 

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