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Emily Atack: Adulting - W

Having truly earned her title of Jungle Princess and secured a soft spot in the nation’s hearts, actress and reality star Emily is back in Blighty and her career has exploded… but beneath the surface, her personal life is in total chaos. As she approaches her 30th birthday she is struggling to come to terms with being a grown up? 


Filmed in a follow-doc style, in this funny and exciting new series Emily tries desperately to get her life in line, become a grown up, face turning thirty and answer big life questions on parenthood, dating and body image, which Emily will attempt to answer with the help of friends, family, her social network and beyond.

With a supporting cast of real-life characters and a string of celebrity cameos, Emily will try to turn thirty, grow up and find her happiness all at the same time. It’s the real Sex and the City meets the real Girls.

“I’m turning 30 and literally everyone thinks I’m useless. I’ve come second on probably the biggest show on British telly and I’m sleeping in a sleeping bag on my mate’s sofa surrounded by empty bottles of tequila. I need to sort my life out.” 

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