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Joe Swash: Teens in Care - BBC One

Joe Swash delves into the untold stories of Britain’s teens in care.

The number of children aged 16 and over in care has increased by 37% in the last decade alone, and Joe wants to know more. His motivation to make this documentary is deeply personal; it’s an issue that is close to his and his family’s heart.

His journey of discovery follows the long-awaited publication of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, which promises a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the children’s social care system and provide children with loving, safe and stable families”. But can it really get to the root of the problems facing teens in care?

This poignant, emotive documentary sees Joe spend time with teens who are at different stages of their lives in care, some in foster care, others in residential care and some who have left at 18 and trying to make it alone.

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