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Holed up with his family on a compound in Texas for decades, wanted fugitive John Joe Gray grants access to a film crew for the first time ever.


After a run in with the law 14 years ago, John Joe Gray skipped bail and took his family to a remote compound, cutting themselves off from the outside world and telling police to bring body bags if they were going to try and come and get him.

With John Joe still wanted by the police, the family remains armed and ready for a shoot out. Fearing a blood bath, the police haven’t dared enter.

Forced to live without electricity or running water, children have been born on the fortified compound and are brought up without a formal education. The family never leaves and strangers aren’t allowed to enter – until now. With exclusive access, won over two years, this documentary tells the incredible story of how the Gray family survives off the land and learns how they’re prepared to die rather than see John Joe stand trial.

But are they a misunderstood God-fearing family wishing to live in peace? Or are they dangerously paranoid and unable to function in the outside world?

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