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We're Having A Baby - BBC Three

Intimate selfie doc in which young people across the UK tell the story of pregnancy and birth as it has never been told before.


One in four babies in Britain are born to parents under 25 - this is their story, in their own words. Armed with handheld cameras, they film themselves over nine months as they embark on one of the most significant and remarkable journeys of their lives.

Following the twists and turns of pregnancy - from the moment they find out, all the way to the delivery room - they take us on a rollercoaster ride of raw emotion and unflinching reality.

We're Having A Baby (1x90') explores up-close the fundamental issues surrounding pregnancy and birth in 21st century Britain, from a completely fresh perspective.


"Refreshingly warts-and-all... It baulks at the graphic detail of the more baby-centric One Born Every Minute, but delves far deeper into the tempestuous emotions of the expectant mothers.” The Guardian

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