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Nike series gives Filipino street basketballers a shot at greatness. 


In the Philippines, basketball is a national obsession. Despite the talent on the streets, few make it out of the local barangays to become professional players. Nike set out to prove that anyone, given the right opportunity, can overcome adversity and realise their dreams.


We produced a TV and online series which follows 24 young ballers - chosen from thousands of hopefuls - as they attempt to seize the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to win a basketball scholarship. 

We see them train with some of the best athletes in the world, such as LeBron James, Paul George and Manny Pacquiao. In a stunning finale, we watch them display their skills before a crowd of 10,000 inside the Philippines’ biggest stadium. 

Nike Rise Philippines  was directed by Max Fisher, a documentary director experienced in telling heartfelt, true stories. We cast 24 kids a nation would care about and structured their journeys across 5 x 25 minute episodes. Their highs, lows and inspirational backstories were captured in Luke Jacob's stunning cinematography.


Cemented Nike as the #1 sports brand in the Philippines

Most watched TV5 series in 2015

Reached 28% of the population

Changed 24 young ballers’ lives forever


Winner: Integrated - BIMA Awards 2016

Creative Marketing Effectiveness: Branded Entertainment - New York Festival 2016

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