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Vodafone technology empowers people to do amazing things for the first time.


#Firsts was a global campaign designed to foster an emotional connection with Vodafone. AKQA approached us to create a suite of stories, which showed Vodafone technology enabling real people to do remarkable things for the first time.


Our development team worked with AKQA to identify story 'themes' based around Vodafone's technology. Utilising 7 different documentary directors, we drew on our casting expertise to find the real people whose stories would bring these themes to life: the starry-eyed Czech boy with dreams of launching his first rocket; the young Ghanaian football team leaving Africa for the first time to compete in an international tournament; the badly injured Afghan war veteran completing a gruelling and unique Remembrance Day run around London.

These amazing human stories - showing what happens when technology and human endeavour come together - are a heartwarming testament to Vodafone's ability to connect and empower people. More importantly, each project created its own legacy to further help the contributors such as a new skatepark, a team bus to drive the football teams to matches; and Vodafone matched the public’s donations to the British Legion.


7 films created 

8 million views in total 

Huge uplift (x 12) in positive conversation around Vodafone

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