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Mazda celebrate those who defy convention to make things better.


Mazda attributes its success in automotive innovation to its peoples' willingness to think differently. JWT Düsseldorf asked us to pay tribute to this ‘challenger spirit’ in a series of short online films.


We drew from the worlds of sport, design and manufacturing to find stories of people overcoming challenges by thinking outside of the box: former athlete Dick Fosbury, who revolutionized the high jump with his unconventional style; artist Phil Hansen, who challenged conventional thinking to create art that inspired millions; John Shuttleworth who set marine design on a new course.

Filming took us from London to Seville, from Madrid to the US and from Italy to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Philippines. Each film tells the story of a moment in someone's life when they went against the grain and took a leap of faith that carried them into the history books.

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