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Class of Mum and Dad - Channel 4

A class of parents are invited back to primary school to experience what life is really like in the classroom today.


The school gates are opened in Firecracker’s new four-part series Class of Mum and Dad, as 17 parents are sent back to primary school to study the same curriculum and experience the same regime and rules as their children - including wearing school uniform, eating school dinners, completing homework, sitting SATS exams and being sent to the Head Teacher's office.  


"A unique and hugely rewarding educational experiment - a valuable insight into what our children experience both in and outside the classroom today" The Observer 

"There were tears, tantrums and tickings off as a group of adults were sent back to Year 6 for an extraordinary TV experiment" Daily Mail 

"An eye opening and surprisingly moving look at what really goes on in our children's schools" TV Times 

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