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Robson Green: Walking Coast to Coast - Channel 5

Robson Green walks along one of Britain's most impressive archaeological monuments: Hadrian's Wall. He treads in ancient footsteps, meeting local characters and taking in the dramatic landscapes along the way.


Robson Green was never much of one for history when he was a nipper but he’s now decided to walk 84 miles along Hadrian’s Wall, even though he still reckons the ancient structure “was just a big old vanity vehicle” for the Roman emperor. 

En route from Wallsend to Bowness on Solway he chats to fellow walkers, takes a chilly dip in the Tyne and meets experts who tell him all about the daily life of Romans or introduce him to geo-caching. 

As he trudges along in the occasionally less-than-clement weather, he realises he was wrong to think he knew everything there was to know about Northumberland: “This is a journey that’s good for the soul …. and the calf muscles.”

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