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The Trials of Heather Mills - Channel 5

How did a glamorous model and charity campaigner with a disability become hated, hacked & hounded?

Heather Mills' extraordinary life makes for one hell of a story: from a murky past with a tough childhood, to a life-changing injury, to the global fame of marrying an icon and becoming Mrs. Paul McCartney. From the scandalous split and all the drama in the divorce court to the vindication at the Leveson phone hacking inquiry.

The Heather Mills story is one you just couldn't make up and takes us on a rip-roaring ride through 90s and 00s Britain – and the excesses of tabloid culture. But what made Heather a perfect person for the tabloids to pick apart, and did she deserve it?

We'll explore the story through a modern lens and look at why the media turned against her... would it happen today? In this 90-minute film, we'll unpack the true story, with all its ups and downs, and try to find the real Heather Mills.

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